Fresh Produce, Just My Size

I was on the elliptical trainer watching CNN and headlines shot across the screen “Ashley Judd takes a stand against media attacks” [on her looks].

As I pedaled along on the machine I wanted to shout to Ashley Judd and the TV, “you go girl!”

Aside from the fact that declaring Ashley Judd has a “puffy face” is absolutely bizarre, it’s the stuff we read every day in US Weekly.

Judd wrote in her essay on the Daily Beast in reaction to accusations that she had work done on her face:

The Conversation about women’s bodies exists largely outside of us, while it is also directed at (and marketed to) us, and used to define and control us. The Conversation about women happens everywhere, publicly and privately. We are described and detailed, our faces and bodies analyzed and picked apart, our worth ascertained and ascribed based on the reduction of personhood to simple physical objectification.

Cheers to Judd for putting together a thoughtful reaction and for taking a stand against the powerhouse that makes women feel half-whole.

On a related note, it’s great to see shows like “Girls,” representative of a new movement happening–smart discussions– around what it’s really like to be a woman, from a woman’s perspective. It’s time.

I know if there’s a lack of one thing on this planet, it’s self-love. Men and women alike can benefit from changing the game. Embrace what makes you special whether it’s your curves, your laugh, your bright red hair or your eyes. You should always find something positive about yourself and focus on that rather than what the media tells you you’re supposed to look like.

A Change Will Do You Good

Not only are people like Ashley Judd generating important conversations on the mainstream airways, there is much more content on social media and the web that caters to women of all shapes and sizes. Retailers notice that we are ready to see ourselves reflected in the media–not these unrealistic airbrushed images perpetuated by the media for so long.

I was delighted to be contacted by a retailer called Fresh Produce a women’s retailer, and the models are actually all different sizes. They have some really cute beach-wear in tons of colors.

They were kind enough to send me a dress to review, so I chose what is every woman’s best friend, the all-flattering dynamic Wrap Dress .

That’s me in the dress!

I love this wrap dress because you can dress it up or down. It works on all different figures.

I chose white, dreaming of a summer tan and eating on the terrace of a Grecian isle. Even if you can’t get to Greece this summer, dreaming about it in this dress might make you feel like you’re there!

If you are interested to check out this retailer find Fresh Produce on facebook or twitter @FreshProduceNow. They ship to over 200 countries. Going on a “love yourself” shopping outing? You might not have to leave your computer. P.S. My personal favorites are also Fresh Produce’s scarves.

And a shout out to Southern girl Ashley Judd who is inspiring women all over the world. You go girl!

*This post sponsored by Fresh Produce, and they provided me with the dress, although all views are my own.

As a sidenote, here are a few other helpful links if you are interested:

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