Join Project Enough

I’m inspiring a movement to get women talking. It’s called Project Enough. I’m looking for someone who is interested to get involved who can help map out the business plan–as movements demand resources.

It’s called Project Enough because we’re enough, and we’ve had enough.

The goal is to empower women—make them feel strong, safe, worthy and confident. I’m doing this because I’ve personally struggled with a lot of what my generation faces–body shame, depression, anxiety–and the problem is none of us are talking about it.

The movement will grow into a full media company that targets female middle schoolers, high schoolers, women in their early twenties and connect them with older women as well.

The movement will include a website that incentivizes women to share their stories. The site will also connect girls and women across the age spectrum in forums, a mentoring capacity and events locally, nationally and even internationally. The site should be free.

As I mentioned I’m looking for someone to support this idea with a business strategy. Are you, or someone you know, experienced in creating business plans, and would you like to help? I will be posting this on kickstarter once I have all the ducks in a row. Let me know if you’d like to help-or know someone who wants to be involved. Men are welcome to get involved as well.

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10 thoughts on “Join Project Enough

  1. I can help out Blake. I am pretty good with business/development plans and can offer my volunteer time if you’d like.
    Aunt Jane

  2. Blake I talked with our team and we are interested in learning more about this and how we can get involved, we have all the skills you are looking for if this is something that we agree would be a fit and mutually beneficial. Email me at We’d like to schedule a call with you to discuss.

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